Not to get too personal, but are you of Asian or Native American ancestry? There's a gene (ABCC11, if you're curious) that controls whether your pits produce a specific lipid that attracts the odor-producing bacteria or not — most Asians and Native Americans carry the configuration of this gene that means they don't… » 8/20/14 10:12pm Wednesday 10:12pm

Music — I don't know if I'd say the music from the Prequels was better than the music from the Originals, but it was easily just as good. George Lucas may have lost certain things in the two decades between them, but John Williams didn't. » 8/20/14 10:39am Wednesday 10:39am

Actually that password is just a coincidence. The JUSTIN BAILEY password follows the same rules as most other passwords (NARPAS SWORD being the exception, which violates the checksum and was hardcoded) and it's not the only password that results in this outfit (try "000000 000020 000000 000020"). Probably what… » 8/19/14 9:53am Tuesday 9:53am

I liked the Gamecube a lot, but I just bought a Wii U a couple months ago and I'm finally getting rid of most of my Gamecube games (and my Wii). As great of a system as it was, I don't really want to play its games at the moment to warrant spending any money on this. » 8/18/14 11:40pm Monday 11:40pm

I didn't get it until someone else explained it. The punch is spiked and spikes make Sonic lose his rings and Mega Man die. Mario, however, is in Kuribo's/Goomba's shoe, an obscure powerup from Super Mario Bros 3 that makes him immune to spikes, so he's ok. » 8/17/14 11:07am Sunday 11:07am

I almost wish this had been before Skyward Sword's release. Most of the characters' names were already bird puns, so "Robin" would have fit in perfectly. Hell, they could have even named Zelda's father Robin instead of Gaebora if they wanted (though I appreciate that connection as well). » 8/17/14 12:00am 8/17/14 12:00am